Thursday, 3 July 2014

Happy Ramadan Wishes 2014

Ramadan 2014 Wishes-: Ramzan is one amongst the best feasts of Muslims of Kerala, India. It’s discovered within the ninth month of the year. Since the gay is connected with the month of Ramadan, it's conjointly referred to as as Ramadan. Muslims, not solely in Kerala however conjointly within the whole world observe fast so as to arrange for the nice feast as a part of purifying from the sins. The entire amount is to be in prayers and religious worship. Muslims pay a decent a part of their time in Mosques finding out the Quran throughout now. Night prayers also are drained addition to the regular prayers daily.

Muslims keep themselves abstained from smoking, drinking, consume meat, sexual relationships etc. still there are unit excuses for sick folks and youngsters. Conjointly they keep themselves to be smart by dominant all dangerous habits since it's take away all goodness of fast. On the looks of the crescent moon the west, Ramadan ends and Id-Ul-Fitr or the feast of quick breaking is well known.

Ramadan Wishes 2014-: On this present day, Muslims offer charity, offers food to the destitute and a lot of. Within the morning of the day, they shower themselves; wear new garments and goes to the mosques to recite non secular prayers. imaum or the religious person leads the prayers sessions within the masjid at this morning. When the ceremonial functions, the folks mingle up with their friends and relatives and need all the goodness of the feast.

In Kerala, the members of the sister communities area unit invited to their homes to possess fun and to participate in their nice celebration. In some elements of Kerala, Muslim girls wear ornaments and visit the homes of their expensive and close to ones.

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