Sunday, 6 July 2014

Best Ramadan Quotes 2014, Wishes 2014

We have some fabulous collection of Ramadan Quotes 2014, Ramadan Best Sayings 2014, and Quotes from Quran for you on this beautiful occasion of Ramadan. Ramadan will be commencing from June 29, 2014 and ends on July 28, 2014. It is the one month occasion which gathered the entire Muslim people and put them into a single objective, an objective of kindness towards god Allah.

"Whoever prayed at night in it (the month of Ramadan)
Out of sincere Faith and hoping for a reward from Allah,
Then all his previous sins will be forgiven.
Even if all the trees on earth were pens, and the ocean inks,
With seven more oceans added to it, the words of Allah would not be exhausted
For Allah is infinite in power and wisdom"

"Oh you who believe! Fasting is prescribed to you
As it was prescribed to those before you
That you many learn piety and righteousness
Qur’an unfolds many secrets and blessings to success.
May Allah bless everyone who finds meaning and truth
In the words of the holy Qur’an
May this month of Ramadan be a month of abundance
A month of compassion,
And assistance for you and your family"

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