Monday, 8 December 2014

New Year's Resolution: Get Fit this year

Fitness and health are two of the most important factors of our lifestyle. If you not fit, you are not able to enjoy the little things in your life. Many people maintain a list of New Year's resolutions and fitness is most often a part of this list. So, if you are going to include fitness and health in your New Year resolutions list, you better read this blog to get some ideas

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Make the resolution: Not only on the paper, but in your heart. If you want to achieve something, be committed to it. make a plan of action and start the journey of getting fit.

Set goals: Both long-term and short-term and reward yourself on meeting them. Losing weight or getting six pack abs can be your long-term goal while exercising regularly can be short-term one

Do it in bits: Do not go for that all-or-nothing attitude. If you are not able to do it today, do better tomorrow. Do not pus yourself beyond the limit. Do it in little bits and make the big

Take help of someone: Either join a gym or take help of a a fitness trainer with some fitness training. Know how to do it and then, you are good to go even by yourself

Schedule everything: Just like a business meeting, schedule your workout meetings. Make sure that you are not disturbed during this meeting. Plan it and give it the time

Make it easy: If you are not getting along with the exercise routine or gym classes, modify accordingly. Change your schedule and change yourself for the sake of the goal

Have a wonderful and health New year 2015